Marcus Gray

President, Gray’s LAMBscaping

Marcus Gray, President of Gray's LAMBscaping

Marcus Gray is the President of Gray’s LAMBscaping, LLC, leading the company’s natural resources stewardship and animal husbandry initiatives. As a Certified Wildlife Biologist® accredited by The Wildlife Society, Marcus brings expertise and experience to his role. His work has involved collaboration with farmers and conservationists across the globe to advance various environmental and agricultural initiatives, encompassing forest and grassland management, as well as grant programs aimed at enhancing large mammal conservation, water quality, soil health, and pollinator support.

Marcus’s dedication to conservation and sustainable agriculture is deeply rooted in his family’s history, with ancestral ties to farming in the United States dating back to the 17th century. His upbringing in Chester, Virginia, further cemented his connection to the land and the importance of environmental stewardship.

He is academically prepared for his role, holding a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Conservation from Unity College in Maine and a Master of Science in Wildlife Conservation from South Dakota State University. Marcus’s educational background equips him with a comprehensive understanding of wildlife stewardship principles and practices, which he applies to enhance the sustainability and environmental impact of Gray’s LAMBscaping, LLC’s operations.

Under Marcus Gray’s leadership, the company focuses on integrating livestock grazing with solar energy production and emphasizes the importance of preserving natural habitats and promoting biodiversity. His efforts underscore the company’s commitment to innovative and implement environmentally responsible farming practices, significantly contributing to sustainable agriculture.