Two-Year Agrivoltaics Mentorship Program For Farmers

The Gray’s LAMBscaping Agrivoltaics Mentorship program embodies this innovative convergence of solar energy and agriculture, offering a comprehensive two-year mentorship designed to empower farmers with the knowledge, skills, and experience to establish and run a self-sufficient solar grazing business.

At the heart of this initiative is the belief that solar energy can unlock new opportunities for farmers to achieve their aspirations. Gray’s LAMBscaping, a leader in the solar grazing industry in the Mid-Atlantic region, has pioneered the integration of best practices in solar grazing, establishing a benchmark for excellence. Recognizing the potential for growth and the need for skilled practitioners in this niche, the program seeks to mentor farmers over two years, providing them with hands-on experience and comprehensive training in all aspects of running a solar grazing operation.

Local farmer holding lambs. Gray's LAMBscaping flock of sheep beside a solar farm

Hands-On Experience

What is Solar Grazing?

Solar grazing is an agricultural practice that leverages the dual use of land for both solar photovoltaic energy generation and livestock grazing, primarily using sheep. This symbiotic relationship not only maximizes the utility of the land but also contributes to the maintenance and efficiency of solar panels by managing vegetation growth naturally. As an emerging field, solar grazing offers a sustainable alternative to traditional farming and energy production methods, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change and promote renewable energy sources.

Learn Techniques That Will Prepare You For The Future of Farming and Renewable Energy

The intersection of agriculture and solar energy represents a forward-thinking approach to land use and resource management. By training a new generation of farmers in solar grazing, the Gray’s LAMBscaping Agrivoltaics Mentorship Program is not just cultivating a niche agricultural practice but fostering an ecosystem of sustainability, innovation, and resilience. Graduates of the program will be at the forefront of a movement that harmonizes agricultural productivity with environmental stewardship, setting a precedent for the future of farming and renewable energy.

The Gray’s LAMBscaping Agrivoltaics Mentorship Program aims to help address some of the most pressing challenges of our time: food security, energy sustainability, and environmental degradation. The program is paving the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future for the agricultural community and beyond by equipping farmers with the skills, knowledge, and resources to establish self-sufficient solar grazing businesses. As the program continues to work with state and local governments to secure grants and support for participating farmers, its impact is poised to grow, transforming the landscape of farming and renewable energy.

Mentorship Program Structure and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Skill Development: Beyond the agricultural aspects, the program covers critical areas such as navigating the insurance and business landscape specific to solar farming, planning for the flock’s future, and emergency veterinary care. This holistic approach ensures that participants are well-equipped to handle the multifaceted challenges of running a solar grazing business.

  • Support from Experts: Mentorship is provided by a team of seasoned shepherds, biologists, and industry professionals, ensuring that participants receive guidance from experts with real-world experience. This direct access to knowledgeable mentors accelerates learning and provides mentees with a reliable support network.

  • Financial and Operational Independence: A distinctive feature of the program is its commitment to empowering participants to become independent business owners. Upon completing the mentorship program, qualified farmers are entrusted with operating a solar grazing site. This gives program graduates a source of income and the autonomy to make decisions and grow their businesses.

  • Hands-On Learning Experience: Participants in the mentorship program will gain invaluable experience working directly on solar farms, learning modern shepherding skills, paddock construction, and forage management. The program emphasizes the importance of understanding the land (“reading the paddock”) and applying this knowledge to optimize the health and productivity of both the solar panels and the grazing livestock.

Learning Outcomes

  • Modern Shepherding Skills: Learn contemporary techniques for managing and caring for sheep in a solar grazing context.

  • Rotational Grazing: Learn when and how to move animals between pastures to allow vegetation in previously grazed areas to regenerate, promoting healthier grasslands and improving soil health.

  • Paddock Construction: Acquire the skills to design and build effective paddocks that optimize the flock’s health and the efficiency of solar panels.

  • Understanding Forage and Land Management: Develop the ability to assess pasture quality and implement grazing strategies supporting livestock nutrition and land health.

  • Navigating Insurance and Business: Gain insights into the specific insurance requirements and business considerations unique to solar grazing operations.

  • Veterinary Care: Learn how to watch your flock for signs of illness to ensure its health. You’ll also learn when to administer medical care and when to call the emergency veterinarian.

  • Solar Farm Management: Understand the operational aspects of managing a solar farm with livestock grazing.

  • First Aid for People: Receive training in basic first aid to address potential emergencies on the farm.

  • Sustainable Agricultural Practices: Embrace sustainable practices that enhance soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem resilience.

  • Entrepreneurship: Learn how to develop a business plan, forecast future needs, and scale a solar grazing business.

  • Flock Growth Planning: Gain the strategic decision-making skills you’ll need to ensure the sustainable expansion of the herd, taking into account pasture availability, feed resources, and market demands to maintain a healthy, productive flock.

  • Leadership: Cultivate leadership skills and the ability to make informed decisions for the benefit of the solar grazing operation.

Gain Shepherding Skills

Now Accepting Applications for 2024-2026 Participants

For farmers intrigued by the prospect of integrating sustainable agricultural practices with renewable energy, the Gray’s LAMBscaping Agrivoltaics Mentorship Program offers a unique and rewarding opportunity. Participants in this rigorous training program will embark on a paid work-study journey, collaborating closely with a team of experts to develop a profitable solar grazing business. To apply, contact Jess Gray at or 434-258-8866 today.