Jess Gray

Chief Executive Officer, Gray’s LAMBscaping

Jess Gray, CEO of Gray's LAMBscaping

Jess Gray is the CEO of Gray’s LAMBscaping, LLC, overseeing the company’s financial management, policy development, logistics, and reporting. She is crucial in guiding the company towards sustainable agriculture and solar grazing goals. As a 2023 Nuffield International Agricultural Scholar, Gray has represented her company in over half a dozen countries, focusing her research on integrating solar energy with livestock grazing. This innovative approach has drawn interest from various sectors looking at the environmental sustainability and economic viability of ranching in the context of climate change and shifts in land ownership. Gray has been a board member for the American Solar Grazing Association since 2024.

Gray holds an MBA from King University, which has provided her with a strong foundation in business administration, crucial for the effective management and strategic direction of Gray’s LAMBscaping, LLC. Her academic background and professional experience position her as a leader in applying business principles to agricultural practices, promoting a financially sustainable and environmentally responsible model.

Growing up in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Gray witnessed the effects of suburban sprawl on rural communities first-hand. This experience has deeply influenced her commitment to sustainable land management and conservation, driving her interest in solar grazing to preserve agricultural land while supporting renewable energy production.

Under Jess Gray’s leadership, Gray’s LAMBscaping, LLC is at the forefront of sustainable agriculture, advocating for solar grazing as a solution to modern challenges in ranching. Her work and vision for the future of farming are instrumental in setting new standards for environmental sustainability and economic viability in the agricultural sector.